Toyota Prius, other hybrid prices rising now

Toyota Prius and Honda Insight pricing going higher thanks to limited supplies caused by high oil prices and auto plant shutdowns in Japan.

Running out of Prius hybrids, other fuel efficient models.

MSRP or higher for hybrids

Just a few weeks ago, deals on hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight were available. Today, most of those deals are gone as many dealerships are beginning to run out of fuel efficient cars.

Are dealership add-ons next?

With at least one battery maker shut down, as well as all Japanese automakers, this growing lack of hybrid supplies is going to last for weeks and possibly even months according to some reports.

Sadly, it seems that if supplies continue to decline, dealership add-ons can't be far behind, if they aren't already occurring. It happened in 2008, and it seems hard to believe that dealerships have found some new consumer-first religion since then.

Hoping to do some hybrid shopping this weekend in hybrid-loving Southern California. If markups are coming, So Cal will probably be one of the first markets to use them.

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