50 cc of Moped-flavored Awesome: Satan Since 2003

Before you click play:  there is some probably NSFW language in the video (lower the volume).

As a fan of oddball things in general and scooters and mopeds in particular, I've been to my share of scooter rallies and moped rides, and this short trailer for the Sundance indie film “Satan Since 2003” is definitely going on my “must-watch” list.  The film itself is described as a “mockumentary” that follows Richmond Virginia's “Hell's Satans” moped gang (extra points to you if you get the reference), giving film-maker Carlos Puga and gives him “not only an eye-popping peek into this otherwise reclusive society, but also a satirical jab at the process of documentary film-making.”

I'm not sure I'd call a group of guys who flips mopeds into lakes and uses Molotov cocktails to fire-bomb rival moped gangs “reclusive”, but I wouldn't know anything about all that.

What I do know is that mopeds are generally enough transportation to reliably get you around most major and minor American cities, and – with about 100 mpg average fuel economy and nearly eternal re-build-ability – mopeds have a pretty minimal impact on the environment compared to say, an old Honda Civic or Ford Escort.  Movies like this one and “the Wild One” a generation (or two) ago which may glamorize some violence now and again do a very good job of creating a sort of “mystique” around two-wheeled vehicles, which (in my opinion) can only be a good thing.

So, watch the video, enjoy the movie, and don't try anything you see there at home.  Those people are trained professionals lining up for Darwin Awards.  All good fun, then – if not exactly news.  Still, enjoy!

SourceIMDb, via random web search for moped goodies.

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