Deliver-E Trike is Ready for the Rough Stuff

With twin electric motors powering this new-age delivery trike to a top speed of 50 mph and nearly 40 miles of range, Simon Williams' Deliver-E concept is ready to – um – deliver the goods.

Williams is aiming his Deliver-E specifically at letter carriers (posties!) in his native Australia, to replace the CT110 Hondas currently in use there.  The Deliver-E is more stable at a stop where carriers will have to support not only the weight of the stationary bike, but also shift heavy letterbags and parcels.  The Deliver-E's 3 wheels allow the bike to stay up on its own, for greater safety and comfort.  A reverse gear is included, so riders don't have to walk the thing backwards.

The most notable thing about the Deliver-E trike, however, is not its improvement over a relatively old-tech 110, but the pivoting rear swing arms that can articulate over obstacles and potholes, as well as lock in place.  These rear swingarms let the bike carve through corners “naturally”, and help the rear get over curbs more smoothly. “The tilting mechanism was the thing I spent a long time thinking about,” Williams says. “Along the way I came up with all sorts of complex details on how I would get it to tilt.  In the end, the tilting mechanism couldn't be more simple.”

Simple, durable, and fun to look at.  DAMMIT!  I want one of these, too!

Williams hopes to secure enough interest in the project to generate the financial support needed to begin production.  Good luck, Simon!

deliver-etrike deliver-etrike-10 deliver-etrike-4 deliver-etrike-5

Source:  the New Inventors, via Gizmag.

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