Gas 2.0: Vote Early, Vote Often is holding a little survey to determine its readers' favorite non-treehugger blogs, and the Important Media Network is strongly represented with Gas 2.0 nominated for “Best Transportation Website” and our sister site Cleantechnica is nominated for “Best Sci-tech Blog“.

No doubt we're a bit of the underdog here, going up against some really fabulous sites like WIRED Autopia, Autoblog Green, Ecomodder, Green Car Congress and Hybrid Cars. Hell, it's an honor just to be nominated, and it looks like Autoblog Green is going to walk home with another easy win this year, already out pacing our votes 2-to-1 (and we're in second place!<3 <3 <3)

But make no bones about it; we'd really, really like to win. Like, really. So, if you get a chance, please Please PLEASE with extra-awesome and environmentally responsible free-trade organic sugar on top CLICK HERE and vote for Gas 2.0!


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