Porsche 918 Spyder Plug-In Hybrid A $845,000 Reality

Only Porsche could make hybrids cool, and have a series of hybrid concept including the sumptuously sexy 918 Hybrid, the German sports car maker has announced that it will build the 918 Spyder Plug-In Hybrid, with the price starting at $845,000.

Porsche had insinuated it would produce this plug-in hybrid, but I never expected it would cost more than the net work of my whole neighborhood. And what, pray tell, does $845,000 get you? Well for starters, a 500 horsepower V8 engine mounted in the middle of the car for optimal weight balance. Then there are two electric motors, one mounted up front and one in the rear, that provide another 218 horsepower and all-wheel drive. For those of you keeping score, that’s a whooping 718 horsepower (no mention of torque, but I’d wager at least 800 ft-lbs.)

The lithium-ion battery pack can provide up to 16 miles of all-electric range and recharge around seven hours on a 110 outlet. No word on EPA MPG figures, but really, who cares? This is the sickest plug-in hybrid ever conceived, and it will only cost you the median yearly household income of around 20 families. Act now, and Porsche will even throw in a special edition 911 Turbo S Coupe or Carbiolet for between $160,000 and $172,000. What a bargain! Hurry up and order though, as only 918 of these superfast, super-expensive convertibles will be built, though judging from the waiting list, that limited supply won't last long.

Seriously though, more automakers need to make fun hybrids. Porsche already has the Panamera S Hybrid in the works, and with the 918 they’re making fuel efficiency fun as well. Now if an automaker can just make a fun, fast hybrid for under $40,000, I think they’ll have a hit.

918-1 918-2 918-3

Source: Porsche

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