Voltitude: the Swiss Army Knife of Electric Mopeds

Looking more like a novelty pocketknife than a proper Puch or Sears Allstate moped (as seen here), the Swiss-designed Voltitude is nevertheless a fully realized electric moped concept that promises 15 mph speeds and up to 25 miles of pedal-assisted range.

Like its pointier design inspiration, the Voltitude is a folder for easy storage and transport, and makes use of a strong (yet light) aluminum frame to resist corrosion, and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear drag the relatively wide scooter-spec wheels to a stop with confidence.  In addition to the solid hardware, the Voltitude features some pretty neat software that uses the bike's on-board sensors to determine how much electric power the electric motor puts to the wheel – the more push you put through the pedals, the more power you get.  The Voltitude's makers claim the lithium-polymer battery takes just four hours to fully recharge.

voltitudebike-0 voltitudebike-1 voltitudebike-10 voltitudebike-11


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