Does Indiana Make You Th!nk About RVs or EVs? Th!nk City Hits the Heartland

Viewed from I-80 at about 70 mph, Elkhart, Indiana seems like RV production capital of the world, with massive factory, assembly plants, and signs for dealerships plainly visible from the road.  As of last October, however, one of those many many thousands-of-square-feet buildings (formerly a Philips product plant for RV parts) has been occupied by Th!nk, and they have set up shop, hired employees, and begun building (and selling!) electric cars.  They've built and sold nearly 300 at the time of this writing, too – which seems to imply that this is a serious bid for US market share.

Th!nk is the once-owned-by Ford company from Finland that builds the Th!nk City micro cars sold throughout much of Europe, of course, and the company has high hopes for their new US assembly arm, projecting 2500 units will roll off the Indiana line this year alone.  The company recently invited John Voelcker of for a guided tour of the 205,000 sq. ft facility earlier this month, and his experience at the plant is definitely worth a read.

CLICK HERE to check out John's original article.  Enjoy!

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