Is the Buick Envision plug-in hybrid too un-American?

The Buick Envision plug-in hybrid will probably never make it to America, unfortunately.

Should GM bring the Envision plug-in hybrid to the US?

Can only China envision plug-in hybrids?

Sometimes I hate concept vehicles. They simply look too good, and that's definitely my take regarding the Buick Envision plug-in hybrid concept. Unfortunately, the production vehicle never looks as good. Then again, I've learned that my design tastes don't often resonate with average US car buyers, so maybe I'm wrong about the Envision's stunning looks.

Of course, it probably doesn't matter anyway, since the Envision plug-in hybrid isn't destined for the states.

According to MotorTrend, the Envision plug-in, a joint effort by General Motors Shanghai and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, was designed specifically for the Chinese market and MotorTrend suggests the Envision is highly unlikely for the US.

Nevertheless, perhaps the plug-in hybrid powertrain found in the Envision will make it to the US.

The Buick Envision plug-in hybrid is powered by a turbocharged I-4 and two electric motors that can propel the Envision in pure electric mode at low speeds. The powertrain also includes an 8-speed transmission and a battery pack that, in addition to being charged via the two electric motors, can also be charged via solar panels on the roof.

Anyway, maybe I don't have the best design tastes, but I think the Envision is a fantastic looking vehicle, and I can't wait until cost-effective carbon fiber becomes a reality so some of these futuristic designs can move into the real world.

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