Maybe drop in Prius interest is a buying opportunity

Toyota Prius demand has declined since the Japanese earthquake. Might this drop in Prius interest be worth a trip to the dealership.

When will Prius production be back to normal

Prius interest on decline since earthquake tsunami

According to data from Edmunds interest in the Toyota Prius has declined since the Japanese earthquake, even though Prius sales are at their highest levels since the 2008 gas spike. It appears consumers believe that rising gas prices and an earthquake-caused decline in Toyota vehicle production means less selection and higher prices.

But might this pullback actually be a buying opportunity?

One way or another, less demand has to be a good thing. Of course, dropping from red-hot demand to just hot demand might not be enough to favor potential Prius consumers with great deals. Despite the decline, for instance, Prius supplies are down to just 11 days.

Nevertheless, for serious hybrid buyers it might be worth a visit to the local dealership just to see if some new wiggle room is now part of the sale's equation. If not, you can still walk away.

And a little food for thought, if would-be Prius buyers are choosing other hybrid cars and other fuel efficient vehicles instead of the Prius, then increased demand for those vehicles might also lead to higher prices for Prius alternatives. Therefore, now might also be a good time to buy Prius alternatives as well.

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