What’s the best kind of guard dog?

Dear Carolyn,

I read your story( http://www.truckersnews.com/risky-business-2/) about protecting yourself on the road and have decided to get a dog. My wife is all for it but we differ on the kind of dog to get. She wants a foo-foo prissy thing than she can cuddle up with and paint its toenails. I want a manly dog like a black Lab or a German Shepherd. We own our truck so that’s not an issue. What do you think? Is there a type of dog that makes a good guard dog? We cannot agree on this and have decided to go with what you suggest.


Dear John,

Ah, this is such an easy one, perfect to solve before I have my morning coffee. Get thee to the pound and adopt a mutt. That way you can mix in the foo-foo with the tough guy. Any dog is better than no dog. And I’m not just talking about protection here. I’m talking about companionship, love and devotion. (It’s not a coincidence that man’s best friend can’t speak!)  A yappy dog will deter the bad guy as well as a pit bull. Oh, and please send me a picture of your new best friend. With its toenails painted.

 I’m just say’n,


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