Axeon awarded EU funding to reduce size, weight and cost of EV & hybrid vehicle batteries

European Li-ion automotive battery supplier Axeon has been awarded research funding from the EU to reduce the weight, volume and cost of batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles as part of a €3.32-million (US$4.72-million) consortium program called SmartBatt.

The consortium is led by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Mobility Department (Business Units Electric Drive Technologies and Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen) and eight other partners: the Fraunhofer Institute Light Metals Division & Joining Technology Division; Impact Design; Ricardo UK Ltd; SP Technical Consulting; Technical University Graz; and Volkswagen.

The program is part of the seventh framework agreement to develop the ‘Smart and Safe Integration of Batteries in Electric Vehicles’ and aims to improve battery integration into vehicle structures by significantly reducing battery weight, volume and cost without changing the actual cells. Targets for a 20 kWh battery pack (larger than the 16 kWh packs in many plug-in hybrids and electric cars including the Vauxhall Ampera and Citroen C1 ev’ie) include:

  • Reduction of battery pack weight by 10%-15%;
  • Reduction of battery pack volume by 20-30%; and
  • Reduction in battery pack cost by 5%-10%.

Axeon will support with the specification analysis and requirements stage and will be particularly involved in the concepts and feasibility study, risk assessment, design and development and final assessment phases.

The SmartBatt project is scheduled to last 24 months up until the end of 2012.

Currently Axeon’s EV batteries give a range of up to 140 miles from a single charge, with stored capacity ranging from 5 kWh to 180 kWh. Axeon’s Battery Management System is a market-leading technology for managing lithium-ion batteries, delivering safe, durable performance.

Axeon’s mainland European business designs and manufactures batteries and battery management systems for portable power tools and innovative mobile power solutions.

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