ECO Start/Stop Tech Reaches Mercedes’ S Class

When Mercedes' new S350 Bluetec diesel flagship was introduced earlier this year, it debuted without the company's ECO start/stop technology.  According to Mercedes fan page Benz Insider, however, next year's S350 diesels will get ECO as standard equipment.

With the new ECO technology in place, Mercedes' big diesel ups the fuel economy ante from about 34 mpg (6.8 L/100 km) to just under 38 mpg (6.2 L/100 km) while reducing overall emissions to just 164 g of CO2/km of road traveled.  It's also worth noting that other revisions to the S350 engine make it lighter than last year's model, as well.  A process called  TWAS (for twin-wire-arc-sprayed coating technology) reduces weight by as much as 4.3 kg.

No word yet on when we (or even if!) we should expect the new engines stateside.

SourceBenz Insider.

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