Kentucky Man Builds Car that Runs on Bourbon…or Did He?

It is estimated that 95% of the bourbon made in the U.S comes from Kentucky, specifically, Bourbon County. So is it surprising that a Kentucky man has built a car that runs on bourbon?

This story is awesome for more than one reason, as 62 year-old Mickey Nilsson of Bardstown, Kentucky got the inspiration for his bourbon-powered junk car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the stars of American Pickers. Mickey tells the The Daily Load (which has the tagline “’cause real news sucks…”) that he was inspired by Dick Van Dyke’s character from the classic Disney movie, who assembled a flying car from junk parts. Then the stars of American Pickers tried to buy a still from Mickey before he “ran them off,” and he was left wondering how he could use the still and this old junk he had laying around.

Then he supposedly took six months to actually build this vehicle, which “really purrs” on the $24-a-bottle Makers Mark bourbon. And then the article goes on to say the Nissan has picked up the idea and will deliver a working Bourbonmobile by 2014 and…yeah. This story is a lot of nonsense, except for the fact that Scottish scientists are actually working on a Scotch whiskey-derived fuel source that has 30% more energy than your run-of-the-mill ethanol.

As awesome as this story is, I just don't believe it. Now, if gas gets any higher, the idea of home-brewing some flavorful fuel might catch on in ol’ Bourbon country, but for now this bogus news story will continue to make its way around the Internet.

Source: The Daily Load

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