VW Jetta Protect: is it the “Greenest” Tank You Can Buy?

As far as I can tell, the VW Bora (called “Jetta” in the US) shown above is the “greenest” armored car you can buy.  Powered by a 200 hp version VW's 2.0 TSi four-cylinder (from the Golf GTi) and mated to the company's outstanding “DSG” dual-clutch gearbox, this baby-tank features ultra-lightweight kevlar and Aramid mats in the door panels, bullet-resistant polycarbonate windows, and run-flat tires to help keep drivers safe in the mean streets of Mexico (where the car is being marketed).

Why Mexico?  Some parts of Mexico (and the rest of Latin America, if we're being honest) can be pretty rough, and companies like Texas Armoring have been known to beef up everything from brand new tuner Benzes and Cadillac SUVs to more “under the radar” stuff like old Toyota Camrys – but none of those cars is as emissions-friendly as the EuroV-compliant VW, nor can they come close to matching the 2.0 liter TSi's 31 mpg fuel economy rating.

Speaking of that TSi engine:  the Jetta Protect shouldn't be as “tank slow” on the road as some of its heavier “competition” either, since it weighs in at just 3800 lbs vs. the “standard” Jetta's 3200 lbs (more than made up for by the Protect's additional 85 hp).

What do you think, readers?  Is there a greener factory armored car out there?  Let us know in the comments!

Source:  VW, via Autoblog.

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