Mitsubishi i EV is the Budget King of Electrics: Under 30K

With a sticker price of just $29,990 (before a $7500 federal tax rebate) Mitsubishi will sell you a brand-new, Mitsubishi i SE, complete with 66 hp highway-legal electric motor, premium sound system, a gussied-up interior (below), and more – which means Mitsu's i comes in at several thousand dollars less than even the base Nissan Leaf.

Mitsubishi i SE interior.

Want to spend even less on your EV?  Mistubishi will sell you their base model i for $27,990 with all the same ZEV goodness and (claimed) 85 mile range as the more upscale SE.

As before, the i's marketing still seems to target fleets, but at just over $20K to retail clients, Mitsubishi may just convince a few potential Leaf and Volt buyers to buy their just-as-green, for much less green.

Let's hope this “more for less” approach continues as Mitsubishi moves from the rally/race heritage of its past towards a more dedicated green focus by 2015 (as planned).

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