Swift Creates Leadership Development Program

<p><strong>Edge, the name of Swift's new leadership development program, stands for education, discipline, guidance, and experience.</strong><em> Photo: Deborah Lockridge</em></p>

Swift Transportation has launched the Edge program, a proprietary leadership development program designed to incubate Swift leaders.

Edge stands for education, discipline, guidance, and experience, and is an 18-month program that features a curriculum and practical experience aimed at helping individuals at the company succeed in the trucking industry, according to Swift.

“When it comes to leadership, most individuals come into a role with experience, but no practical leadership training, setting them up to fail in a position where they should flourish,” said Becky Tooley, director of leadership and organizational performance, Swift Transportation. “Edge gives our leaders the toolkit they need to enhance their skills and positively impact our drivers across the country.”

Combined with practical application, Edge features educational sessions from leaders in executive development covering topics such as motivation, leadership, communication, culture, and strategic thinking. By investing in its leaders, Swift plans to cultivate coaches, decision-makers, negotiators, communicators, and thinkers.

The program currently has 150 participants across the country.

“Great leaders produce great teams, which achieve great business results,” said Pat Ahern, vice president of learning and development for Swift Transportation, whose department created the Edge program. 


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