J.B. Hunt Supplying Carbon Offsets by Shifting Freight to Rail

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is part of a new partnership of corporations and environmentalists that announced a new initiative designed to reduce greenhouse gases and improve air and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Controller on cell phone faulted in Hudson midair collision

In this Aug. 8, 2009, file photo, emergency service personnel work at the scene of a helicopter crash on the Hudson River in Hoboken, N.J. 7 bodies pulled from Hudson after midair collision WASHINGTON – Errors by an air traffic controller distracted by…

DAY ONE: OOIDA v. Minnesota State Patrol

The opening day of the OOIDA v. Minnesota State Patrol trial wasted little time in delving deeply into the challenge of the agency’s alleged arbitrary fatigue enforcement program. After a bit of housekeeping in the way of preliminary instructions, th…

DC area studies 1,650 miles of toll lanes

A task force in Washington, DC, is recommending a massive shift in the way people use highways and land in the region. One recommendation is to develop a 1,650-mile toll network on new and existing lanes. The task force has scheduled a public meeting f…

As of Wednesday, Illinois speeders, others will pay steeper price

Some of the worst drivers in Illinois will soon pay more to the state for their actions behind the wheel. Starting Wednesday, Sept. 15, tickets for most speeding violations and other minor violations will increase.

Your Vote: As November ballots take shape, it’s time to prepare

The path to Election Day 2010 is nearing the homestretch. Seven weeks from today, Tuesday, Sept. 14, most voters will head to the polling place to cast their ballots on a variety of races and issues. Others will vote before Nov. 2.

CHP’s September Safety Summit open to truckers

Have you ever read news reports or heard updates on the radio about the CVSA meetings and wished truckers were invited to participate in these meetings of enforcement personnel? The next meeting of CVSA, the 2010 annual conference set for Sept. 20-23 a…