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‘100 percent OK’ to bring up detention before you get off the phone

‘Don’t leave money on the table,’ redux — that sentiment could increasingly include examinations of revenue and income per hour in your business’ accounting and analysis to help determine effective detention rates in broker/shipper negotiations.

Profit — what this trucking thing is all about: A new, simple freight-bid calculator app

In the latest Overdrive Radio podcast, small fleet owner Scott Jordan intros the ICG ProfitCalc app for Android/iOS, a freight bidding app that allows users to input their own annual cost projections as a benchmark for load-by-load rate calculations to…

POLL: Less-than-upstanding dealings with freight brokers: What have you experienced most?

From a meager truck-ordered-not-used payment after a conveniently “cancelled” load to late payment, no payment and having to file on a bond for hopes of payment, name your most-often-experienced frustration when dealing with freight brokers.

‘Here’s to causing a crisis’: Is there a shutdown going on?

Those were among the words of independent owner-operator Brita Nowak, who’s closed her one-truck business in part in protest of the 14-hour rule’s inflexibility, combined with the new record-keeping reality of the ELD mandate.

Blockchain: Uncertain future for factors, brokers with less reliance on building relationships, more trust in verified data

Blockchains have been called “trustless,” which isn’t intended to be as negative as it sounds. Rather, the term refers to the trust created by the structure of information contained in a blockchain, which could virtually eliminate the necessity of the personal touch that traditionally has been required to build trust in business relationships

ELDs put spotlight on the detention quagmire

The uncertainty around detention timing in live-load/-unload situations is perhaps the biggest potential problem for drivers and carriers using ELDs. It’s also one in which ELDs may be the best tool for combatting the issue, to the benefit of drivers and fleets.

MyRiteLoad shipper-carrier freight platform ‘reboots’

MyRiteLoad hopes to fulfill the promise of what has been called the “elusive holy grail” of load matching, providing load-board-like spot market connections for independents and small to direct shippers rather than brokers.

Carriers’ ‘magic eraser’ role in compounding uncompensated-detention issue: Rico Muhammad on the e-log shift

As a trade-off for the ultimate hassle of mandated e-logs, in this Overdrive Radio podcast Muhammad’s hopeful owner-operators can both individually and collectively use the change as a cudgel to their advantage when dealing with brokers, shippers, rece…

E-log antipathy ‘not all about the money’: Readers respond ‘around the dunk tank’ to Wes Memphis’ latest

The pseudonymous Memphis noted his Friday positing of the possibility of a “new golden age of trucking” — if imposed ELDs actually limit available hours in a fashion they aren’t already limited post-December 18 toward substantially better rates, income (hardly a certainty) — was “getting some good comments around the dunk tank.” …

KeepTruckin ELD offered at discount for 1 year

Freight broker Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has partnered with smartphone logbook and electronic logging device provider KeepTruckin to offer discounts on its ELD solution for TQL-contracted carriers.