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Fireworks haulers get ELD waiver for Independence Day period

In its decision to grant the exemption, FMCSA says the 11-day exemption would not negatively impact safety. The agency also says it conducted “a comprehensive investigation of the safety performance history” of the 53 companies the exemption would cove…

Teamters file lawsuit challenging FMCSA’s ruling on California breaks

The Teamsters Union has become more aggressive in its fight against the U.S. DOT’s late-December decision to exempt motor carriers from California labor laws that require period meal breaks and paid rest breaks.

Three companies added to fireworks haulers’ annual Independence Day exemption

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration added Artisan Pyrotechnics, Montana Display Fireworks and ZY Pyrotechnics doing business as Skyshooter Displays to the exemption, allowing fireworks haulers to drive beyond their 14-hour on-duty clock aft…

Alabama chiropractor suspended by FMCSA for falsifying DOT physicals

Dr. Kenneth Edwards and his employee, Joann Bush, both of Phenix City, Alabama, were suspended in December. Edwards was recently sentenced to 37 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for his role in the scheme.

Post-ELD mandate crash data a knock on hours regs, too

These two elements being true — crashes numbers are flat despite more widespread adherence to hours of service regs — isn’t that as much an indictment of hours of service regs as it is the ELD mandate?

Concrete pavers get 30-minute break, short-haul exemption relief

FMCSA says drivers transporting ready-mixed concrete and related materials and equipment in vehicles other than those with rotating mixer drums to use 30 minutes or more of on-duty “waiting time” to satisfy the 30-minute break requirement, as long as t…

Snow, bitter cold prompt expansion of HOS suspensions in Midwest, Northeast

Truck drivers hauling heating fuels, including propane, natural gas, and heating oil, and other fuel products, including gasoline, into the affected states providing necessary relief will be exempt from hours of service regulations through Feb. 2, or u…

Driver shutdown afoot? Facebook groups stir controversy over calls to turn off the keys

With some groups of truckers coalesced around a “Truckers Stand as One” moniker and calling for an April 12 “industry-wide shutdown” — and an attendant media blitz in the run-up to that date Feb. 21 — views vary on whether any such action is necessar…

FMCSA suspends hours regs for certain drivers in 12 states ahead of winter storm

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a Regional Emergency Declaration that includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Though FMCSA operations unaffected, shutdown could delay hours of service revisions

Agency officials hinted in December that a notice of proposed rulemaking offering potential revisions to federal hours regs could come as early as March. But the lingering closure of federal agencies will impede FMCSA’s ability to proceed with the rule…