Carriers and shippers love DControl for its zero startup cost and intuitive interface. Our Shipment Progress Notification, just one of many intuitive features, allows you to check the status without requiring it, from the original order taking, through pickups/in transit locations/deliveries and invoicing. You’ll know what’s happening, as it happens.

  • Expanded dispatch features include dispatching to future equipment locations. Dispatch includes automatic notifcation of available loads through system generated e-mails and auto linking to an available loads page on your website.
  • Carriers can auto update a shipment’s progress directly from an e-mail.
  • Shippers can broadcast available loads via e-mail to all qualifed carriers, search carriers based on historical performance and ratings.
  • Shippers can select the best carrier based on service, rating, performance and cost.
  • The multi-level access gives to the system allows the user to see  only the  information they need to perform with their daily duties.
  • We have four different views of the information required to manage and analyze your loads, trucks and, if applicable, your brokerage business.