Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (NTLI), also known as Bobtail Insurance or Deadhead Coverage, serves as a vital safeguard for commercial truck drivers when they are off-duty and not engaged in business-related activities. While their regular commercial trucking insurance covers them while on the job, NTLI fills the insurance gap during personal use of the truck.

The Importance of Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

  1. Personal Use Coverage: Commercial truckers often use their vehicles for personal errands or during downtime between jobs. NTLI provides coverage during these non-business activities, ensuring protection and financial security in case of accidents or incidents.

  2. Financial Protection: Accidents can occur anytime, even when a trucker is not working. Without NTLI, the trucker could be held financially responsible for damages or injuries that happen while using the truck for personal reasons, leading to significant financial strain.

  3. Compliance Requirements: Many states mandate that commercial truckers carry liability insurance at all times while operating a commercial vehicle. NTLI ensures truckers meet these legal obligations even during non-business use of the truck.

Coverage Details and Limitations: NTLI typically covers bodily injury and property damage liability, providing compensation for injuries to others or damage to their property if the trucker is found at fault in an accident. However, NTLI usually does not cover cargo damage or physical damage to the truck itself, as those aspects are typically covered by other insurance policies.

Understanding the Distinction: Non-Trucking Liability vs. Bobtail Insurance It’s essential to distinguish between Non-Trucking Liability Insurance and Bobtail Insurance. While often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Bobtail Insurance covers the trucker while driving the truck without a trailer, usually when returning from a job. NTLI, on the other hand, offers broader coverage during off-duty periods when the truck is being used for personal purposes.

Obtaining Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: Commercial truckers can obtain NTLI through specialized insurance providers or their existing commercial trucking insurance companies. Comparing quotes and understanding policy details are essential steps to ensure adequate coverage that meets individual needs.


Non-Trucking Liability Insurance plays a critical role in protecting commercial truckers during off-duty periods when their regular commercial insurance may not apply. With the security of NTLI, truckers can confidently use their vehicles for personal purposes without worrying about potential financial liabilities. As accidents can happen unexpectedly, NTLI offers peace of mind and ensures compliance with state regulations, making it a valuable asset for every responsible commercial truck driver.