Burning odor reported hours before cockpit fire

In this Sunday, May 16, 2010 photo provided Pamela Adlon, emergency trucks are parked outside a United Airlines Boeing 757 after it made an emergency landing at Washington Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Va.

British Air’s aim: full London service by weekend

British Airways PLC is operating 90% of its long-haul and just over half of its short-haul flights out of London’s Heathrow airport, the carrier said Tuesday, and hopes to resume a normal schedule by the weekend after it secured a court injunction to prevent cabin crews from going on strike for 20 days.

Need a job? Demand for truck drivers in Michigan on the rise

Want to know how transportation experts describe the opportunities for would-be truck drivers? As wide open as a four-lane highway at 3 a.m. After trucking companies shed bodies or went out of business under the stress of a deep recession and tough credit, demand for drivers is definitely warming up.

Labor Issues

As the economy heats up, the search for good staff gets tougher. That’s why it’s time to kick-start your ongoing quest for good people.