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Spring has not sprung, to say the least, when it comes to vans, reefers on the spot market

National average spot van and refrigerated freight rates slipped again during the week ending April 13. The number of load posts fell 4 percent while truck posts increased. The arrival of produce season in several southern markets failed to make up for…

Truck posts up, spot rates flat in the last week

But not for flatbed, which gained 6 cents per mile as a national average rate. Spot volume fell 2 percent during the week ending April 7, while a 9 percent increase in available capacity in the form of trucks posted kept van and refrigerated rates from…

Cargo van hauling: Operating with authority, and the ‘multicarrier’ model

With few owner-ops operating with authority in the expedited niche, around the time of the Great Recession many van drivers were desperate for any way to stay loaded. A multicarrier model arose in which van owner-operators essentially negotiate loads i…

Spot freight ho-hum for a week-ending quarter, with high-demand bright spots for flats and reefers

Spot truckload freight posting volume was virtually unchanged during the week ending March 31, while the number of truck posts increased 5 percent, keeping van and reefer rates in check during the final week of March and Q1 2019.

Detention, parking, app overload: Hot-button issues for owner-ops explored in the context of tech’s sometime salve

Prasad Gollapalli, the founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, joined two owner-operators Thursday at MATS — Greenmiles small fleet owner-operator Shain Ferris and owner-operator Tamara Brock — for a lively discussion of these tough issues for owner-ops.

Convoy adds ‘automated bidding’ to in-app freight network

The Convoy freight platform launched automated bidding within its Request a Load feature, which U.S. carriers can use to input desired rates, favorite lanes and availability dates to allow the system to then automatically bid on loads.

Trucker Tools, Keller integrate ELD for tracking

Mobile-based tracking and freight-match service provider Trucker Tools and compliance products purveyor J.J. Keller & Associates have begun a partnership to speed up delivery of and refine load location information moving to freight brokers and shi…

The expansion challenge: Getting started with solid freight relationships

While most owner-operators have considered adding a truck to their business, many never try it, and few have sustained success for years. The challenges are many, but the rewards can be substantial for the right operators with a close eye on new opport…

Dump-truck loads platform comes to Alabama

The Trux dump-focused logistics platform is now available for loads originating in greater Birmingham and Huntsville. The launch is its first availability in Alabama and marks the third new metro launch for Trux in 2019, following Los Angeles, announce…

POLL: What’s your current hauling niche of choice?

Owner-operators, which of the choices in this poll — from basic general dry van, reefer and flatbed to more specialized heavy-haul, cargo-van expediting, livestock hauling and hotshot trucking — best describes your hauling niche?