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Reefer temps cool a degree during between-holidays ‘lull’ on spot market, but demand, rates continue strong

Van rates are at their highest national average in three years, and though many of the crazy-high averages for reefer lanes have fallen back down to earth in the last week, reefer rates are still a good bit higher than usual for this time of year.

When ‘being in the red is a good thing’: Van spot market hot states — all but Mass., Fla.

The national van average rate is back up to $2.09/mile post-Thanksgiving, and the load to truck ratio is a record 9:3. All states but the two named are shaded deep red, indicating high demand for trucking services …

MyRiteLoad shipper-carrier freight platform ‘reboots’

MyRiteLoad hopes to fulfill the promise of what has been called the “elusive holy grail” of load matching, providing load-board-like spot market connections for independents and small to direct shippers rather than brokers.

Spot market update: Harvey ripple effects, lookback on dry van demand through 2017 so far

The demand map for the dry van segment continued to be on the darker, truck-favorable side in the last week, part of a somewhat uncommon trend in the spot market for this time of year. Run through the shifting sands of van demand so far this year in a …

A hot August: New development for the spot market in van, reefer

Find load-to-truck demand indicator averages for van and reefer below — for last week, when volumes declined for vans nationally but remained well higher than what is typical for August most years. “Temperatures in our part of the woods have come down from their unseasonably torrid highs,” noted DAT’s Ken Harper, “but it’s still very […]

What happened to the summer freight doldrums? August starts strong for vans, flats, reefers

DAT’s Ken Harper: “Here’s one for the record books: August started stronger for vans than any of the last 18 months. August! Really? What happened to the summer doldrums?”… Flatbed, reefer holding fairly strong as well, given the season.